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Crystal Deo Spray

Crystal Deo Spray

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Experience natural freshness!

A natural remedy for body odour!
Ancient Nutra’s Crystal Deo Spray will keep you feeling fresh all day long!
This enhanced formula consists of a  natural mineral salt, Potassium Alum which has anti-microbial properties. The speciality of Potassium Alum is that it doesn't clog your sweat glands allowing you to sweat naturally eliminating the "sweaty" body odour.  Our Crystal Deo Spray covers smell not sweat and that’s a good thing!

Active Ingredients:
100% Potassium Alum (Mineral Salts) & water
Potassium Alum is the key ingredient to reduce unpleasant body odour naturally


Prevents the congestion of sweat glands;
Free from synthetic chemicals;
Long-lasting odour protection;
Does not cause discolouration in the skin;
Does not stain clothes or mask other scents.